SEVEN SITES is supported by:

  • Arts Council of England
  • Islington Mill Studios, Salford
  • University of Salford
  • Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

Antonia Low’s participation in SEVEN SITES has been supported by the GWK – Gesellschaft zur Förderung Westfälischer Kulturarbeit e.V., Münster

The development of the SEVEN SITES project has been made possible through a number of individuals, local initiatives and community groups, we would like to acknowledge the support and enthusiasm of

  • Chris Doyle Chapel Street Churches Community Officer |>link

  • Reverend Michael Aspinall, Mrs Rodgers and the congregation of United Reformed Church, Chapel Street, Salford

  • Jane Wood and Mike Scantlebury of Salford City Radio

  • Friends of St.Ignatius

  • Ordsocs creative writing and texting group

  • Professor Paul Haywood, Salford University

  • Udeni Salmon, Salford University

  • Tracey Crossley, Salford University

  • Jake Hale at Manchester Modernist Society

  • Amber Sanchez

  • Caitriona Devry

  • Maurice Carlin